APS Slides



The APS adhesive microscope slide surface is coated with an aminosilane coating that is bound on the glass surface and creates a very strong adhesive surface for tissue sections and cells to adhere to. 

The APS adhesive microscope slide can be widely used for pathology, cytology and immunohistochemistry applications.  

Adhesive Mechanism of the APS Adhesive Microscope Slides:

A coating is applied to the microscope slide surface by a covalent bond of the aminosilane and OH groups to produce a strong positive charge on the slide.  Tissue sections, having a negative charge, will be attracted to the surface of the glass and adhere to it.  The APS adhesive microscope slide has a high tissue section & cell adhesive strength.  The microscope slide is highly durable to thermal treatment particularly with microwave and autoclave.

Recommended Use:

  • Routine histology
  • Manual & automated IHC
  • IF (Immunofluorescence)
  • HIER (Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval)
  • Epitope enhancement
  • DNA procedures



  • Glass Type: High Clarity, Low Fluorescence
  • Size: 75 x 25mm, 1mm thick
  • Surface Wettability: Hydrophobic
  • Edge Treatment: 45° Corner
  • White is also available with 90° corners
  • Packaged 1,000 slides per case
  • Available colors: White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink


APS Microscope Slides

APS Adhesive Microscope Slides


Surface: Hydrophobic, treated to provide a permanent positive charge.

Application: IHC and routine histology.

Unit: 100 slides/box, 1,000 slides/case

White - 90 Degree Corners:
Part # 5078W90 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
White :
Part # 5078W 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
Part # 5078B 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
Part # 5078G 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
Part # 5078Y 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
Part # 5078P 1,000 slides/case $180.00