O C T Compound & Spray

Tissue-Plus OCT Compound compare to Tissue Tek

OCT, Tissue-Plus

Tissue-Plus® OCT Compound formula has been used extensively in labs successfully since 1999 and provides a stable specimen matrix for frozen sectioning.

  • Each bottle is a 4 ounce spout plastic container


Part # 6404each $13.00 
Part # 6404CS12/case $135.00 
Cryo Spray 60 Below

Cryo Spray 60 Below

Chills to -60F.  Contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s.  Straw attached to can to localize spray onto blocks and fresh tissue.

  • 10 oz spray can
1 - 11:
Part # 51912each $16.80 
12 or more:
Part # 51912each $14.00