Microorganism Stains


  • Shelf Life for most Stain Kits is one year from date manufactured.
  • Store Stain Kits at 15-30°C unless otherwise stated.
  • Most Stain Kits include 2 Complimentary Positive Control Slides to be used for the initial verification of staining techniques and reagents.
  • Stain solution groups are sold as individual products under separate part numbers with storage requirements and expiration date designated per bottle.
H = Hazardous
differential stain kit microorganism stain

Differential Stain Kit

(use: Hematological Staining & Special Stain for Helicobacter pylori)

  • 2 year shelf-life

Differential staining of peripheral blood smears, touch imprints, fine needle aspirations (FNA), bone marrow biopsy aspirations, as well as detecting  Helicobacter pylori sp. in GI tissue.  Can be used for smears, touch imprints and tissue sections.  This is a modification of the Wright Giemsa Stain technique using aqueous based stain solutions and a methanol fixative.  Procedures for both monochromatic and polychromatic versions of the Differential Stain are provided.

Part # 9112B500 ml kit $71.40H