Gold Microtome Blades by CL Sturkey           

The CL Sturkey Gold disposable microtome blade edges are coated with a titanium nitride coating that adds durability, versatility, and longevity to the cutting edge.  It is a high-performance disposable microtome blade, but with its extended life it's also an economical choice.


Gold Disposable Microtome Blades are Ideal for:

  • Cutting hard tissue
  • Bone sections
  • Longevity of a disposable microtome blade


Gold Disposable Microtome Blades are available in:

  • Low Profile
  • High Profile


Made in the USA.

Gold Microtome Blades by CL Sturkey

Gold Microtome Blades

It is the ultimate blade for cutting hard tissue and bone. It is a high-performance specialty titanium, nitride coated blade and its durability and toughness makes it one of the best values for microtome blades.

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Low Profile 50 Blade Dispenser Box (Price Per Box):
Part # 62511A 1 - 4 $79.00  
Part # 62511A 5 - 9 $76.92  
Part # 62511A 10+ $74.84  
High Profile 50 Blade Dispenser (Price Per Box):
Part # 62511D 1 - 4 $79.00  
Part # 62511D 5 - 9 $76.92  
Part # 62511D 10+ $74.84