Brush camel hair round large

Camel Hair Round Large

Uses include: dusting microtome & cryostat. Catching cryostat sections. Slightly pointed tip. Max brush diameter ¾” x 1 ½” long.

Part # 5107A each $15.00  
brush camel hair round small

Camel Hair Round Small

Uses include: preventing cryo sections from curling & laying out tissue in water bath. Soft brown hair with metal ferrule & thin wooden handle. Brush diameter 3/16″ x 13/16″ long.

Part # 5107B each $4.00  
brush camel hair 1 flat

Camel Hair 1 Flat

Uses include: general cleanup and removing air bubbles from water bath. Dusting sensitive instruments. Wooden handle with metal ferrule. Brush width 1" x 1" long.

Part # 5107C each $8.00