Substrate/Chromogen Systems


Background free. No fading with time. Highly stable. No precipitants. Vibrant & crisp staining makes visualization of individual cells possible. Economical. 3 year shelf life. Store at 4° C.


Turbo Action Stable Liquid DAB and AEC for Peroxidase (HRP) Staining

Fast Developing (1-5 minutes). Only 2 components. “Good to the last drop”; left over mixed DAB solution stable for up to 3 weeks. Stains 1200 slides.

DAB Liquid/Substrate System:
Part # NB314SBD 70 ml $355.00  
Innovex Fast Red

Turbo Alkaline Phosphatase Chromogens

Fast Developing (5-10 minutes). Two components for Innovex Fast Red. Single solution for Permanent Innovex Brown (DAB like color) for alkaline phosphatase staining. Single solution for Permanent BCIP/NBT with no background or leeching out.

Innovex Fast Red, 1000 slides:
Part # NB317SBF 70 ml + 14 tablets $395.00  
Permanent BCIP/NBT (single solution), 180 slides:
Part # NB321NBT 10 ml $195.00