Antigen Retrieval

Uni Trieve low temperature antigen retrieval Solution



Uni-Trieve User Friendly Protocol:

Uni-Trieve is a mild-temperature universal retrieval solution that retrieves all antibodies, on all human and all animal tissues at only 65°C-70°C for 30 minutes using a simple water bath.

  • Is Totally Background-Free and unlike citrate buffer, High pH buffers, pressure cookers or microwaves, no  background or tissue damage or loss is observed
  • Standardizes retrieval, it retrieves all tissues with a single solution. 
  • Gentle temperature for immunofluorescence (IF), delicate tissues such as brain, bone marrow and animal tissues.
  • OVER-NIGHT Retrieval is possible: simply immerse sides in 40°C-45°C Uni-Trieve using a water bath as the heat source. Next morning remove slides from the water bath, rinse and proceed with IHC or IF staining!
Part # NB325-200S 200 ml $225.00  
Part # NB325 1 L $385.00