Plastic Forceps

Plastic forceps, Fine-Tipped

Fine-Tipped, 5 in.

  • Great for silver stains!
  • 5″ Sturdy plastic forceps
  • Serrated tip and finger grip
  • Will not rust or corrode


Part # 5501 10/pack $14.00  
Plastic tipped forceps with round tip

Wide Grip

Extra-wide grip allows for greater stability. The tip’s ridges of these handy forceps holds microscope slides securely while protecting your hands from getting stained. Autoclavable and made of durable plastic.

Part # 5500 10/pack $27.50  
Kocher forceps

Kocher, 5.25 in.

Part # 5504 10/pack $30.00  

Forceps, Acetal, 10.5cm, Green

Part # 5505 10/pack $20.00