Formalin Absorbing Pads

FAN Pads (Formalin Absorbing Neutralizing Pads) Formaldehyde & glutaraldehyde neutralizing spill pads treated with Formalex® to eliminate the hazardous vapors at the grossing table, during formalin/tissue transport, in tissue storage, autopsy, morgue, operating room, and biology/anatomy environments.

fan pad GL formalin neutralizer



The FAN Pads are an excellent product for cleaning up spills, grossing on and using as a shelf liner where formalin specimens are stored or transported.

FAN Pad-GL Mini (11 x 10 inches):
Part # ABFAN-556 rolls/case $140.00 
FAN Pad-GL Small (6 x 14 inches):
Part # ABFAN-61448/case $148.00 
FAN Pad-GL Large (9 x 21 inches):
Part # ABFAN-82530/case $148.00 
Formalin Absorbant Pad for Grossing



Absorbs and neutralizes formalin while dissecting tissue.

  • Permeable non-woven blue laminate work surface
  • Blue background is excellent for tissue contrast
  • Exceptional knife suppression while dissecting tissue


8 inches x 11 inches:
Part # ABFAN-811E100/case $145.00 
11 inches x 15 inches:
Part # ABFAN-1115E100/case $235.00 
fan pad ultra formalin neutralizer



An excellent pad to gross on that will absorb & neutralize the formalin from your specimen as you work! Also can use it for lining shelves and transport containers.

FAN Pad Ultra 8 x 11 inches, 1 - 3:
Part # ABFAN-81125 pads/pk $31.30 
4 or more:
Part # ABFAN-81125 pads/pk $29.75 
FAN Pad Ultra 11 x 15 inches, 1 - 3:
Part # ABFAN-111525 pads/pk $51.20 
4 or more:
Part # ABFAN-111525 pads/pk $49.75