Background Eradicators

Back Ground Buster by Innovex Biosciences

Background Buster

1400-2000 slides:
Part # NB306125 ml $435.00 
700-1000 slides:
Part # NB306-5050 ml $299.00 
Fc Receptor Blocker by Innovex Biosciences

Fc Receptor Blocker

700-1000 slides:
Part # NB30960 ml $675.00 
150-250 slides:
Part # NB309-1515 ml $295.00 

Fc Receptor Blocker, Azide Free

Part # NB33530 ml $425.00 
Immuno Diluent and Block by Innovex Biosciences

Cyto-Q Immuno Diluent & Block

Antibody diluting, storage and blocking buffer ALL IN ONE. Prolongs antibody shelf life up to 4 years at 4°C. Simply dilute and refrigerate. Decreases and eradicates background. Increases antibody binding & allows higher antibody dilution for immunoassays. Antibodies remain wet on tissue for up to 36 hours. Shelf life 3 years. Store at 4°C.

Part # NB307125 ml $285.00