S-Mounting Medium

S Mounting Medium Used for Slide Brite Xylene Substitute

      • Compatible with Xylene & aliphatic hydrocarbon xylene substitutes (e.g. SlideBrite)
      • Dries clear and fast
      • 4oz. plastic dispensing bottle
      • Incompatible with film coverslips
      • Manufactured by Azer Scientific

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4 oz Bottle
S-Mounting Medium Part 6751



Newcomer Supply S-Mounting Medium is a ready-to-use permanent coverslipping medium designed for use with Slide Brite™ Xylene Substitute, other aliphatic hydrocarbon xylene substitutes, and is also compatible with xylene. ¬†Features of S-Mounting Medium include:

    • Quickly dries to a clear solid plastic.
    • Does not bleach or bleed stains.
    • Does not yellow or become brittle and crack over time.
    • Quality of stained coverslipped sections remain unchanged indefinitely.
    • Provides excellent optical quality.



Technique:  Paraffin or frozen sections



    1. Test S-Mounting Medium compatibility with clearing agent prior to use.
        1. See Procedure Note #1.
    2. Complete staining procedure; dehydrate, clear with Slide Brite™, xylene or other compatible clearing agent and blot excess clearing agent from slide edges.
    3. Apply one to two drops of S-Mounting Medium to flow over and fully cover the tissue section(s).
    4. Install coverslip, one edge first, allowing any air bubbles to escape as the opposite edge is lowered to the slide.
    5. Blot excess S-Mounting Medium from slide.
    6. Dry slide in a horizontal position.
    7. Allow to set at room temperature for approximately 3-5 minutes.
    8. Dry slides a minimum of 24 hours before filing or shipping.
    9. To remove/replace a coverslip; completely immerse slide(s) in a compatible clearing agent. (Note: Slide Brite™ will not remove adhered coverslips as well as xylene).
        1. After coverslip detaches, agitate slide in clearing solution for 1-2 minutes to remove excess mounting medium.
        2. Clear slide in a fresh solution of Slide Brite™, xylene or other compatible clearing agent.
        3. Remount with S-Mounting Medium and new coverslip.



    1. On a glass slide mix several drops of S-Mounting Medium with an equal amount of clearing agent. If mounting medium displays separation or is not readily miscible, it is incompatible with that clearing agent.
    2. When not in use keep S-Mounting Medium tightly capped to maintain solution viscosity and avoid evaporation.



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