Signal Enhancing Wash Buffer

Newly Mouse promoting the value of signal enhancing wash buffer for immunohistochemistry antibodies.

Want to add a turbo boost to your immunos with no additional steps? Use signal enhancing wash buffer throughout your staining procedure and…

  • Amplify your staining signal by 2 to 4 fold! (Great for Ab that have weaker staining signal)
  • Save Time! (Decrease incubation times of primary antibody & chromogen/substrate)
  • Save Money! (Allows 2-4 fold increase in antibody dilution)
  • Faster Autostainer Runs! (Replace your PBS station with this and reduce your run times)

If this got an easier, it wouldn't be called work!

Product Information

Description More Info
HRP-Enhancing Wash Buffer
(For amplifying AEC & DAB Stains)
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Alkaline Phosphatase-Enhancing Wash Buffer
(For amplifying Fast Red, BCIP/NBT, Innovex Brown & other substrate chromogens for alkaline phosphatase enzyme staining)
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