Immunohistochemistry Antibodies

Fc Receptor Blockers

Innovex Fc Receptor Blocker eliminates non-specific staining caused by Fc receptor staining in lymphoid and hematopoietic cells. Eliminates false positive staining in lymphomas, CD marker stains, bone marrow, lymph nodes & cytosmears. A must for accurate lymphoma and leukemia typing. Works on brain tissue!

Fc Receptor Blocker for Immunohistochemistry antibodies
Immunohistochemistry antibodies comparison with and without Fc Receptor Blocker. On the left, false positive negative control (mouse spleen). On the right, true negative control attained with Fc Receptor Blocker (mouse spleen).

Background Buster

Eliminates general background staining and allows staining of identical species antibodies and tissue. A must for animal on animal staining. Cleaning up your immunohistochemistry background staining has never been so easy!

Background buster shown.
Immunohistochemistry antibodies comparison with and with Background Buster. On the left, heavy background - mouse on mouse insulin/mouse pancreas. On the right, clean background attained with Background Buster, mouse on mouse insulin/mouse pancreas.

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