Immunohistochemistry Antibodies

Animal on Animal IHC

Just Three Incredible Products for all Your Animal Tissues

All Species and All Organs

Tired of needing multiple staining kits, an array of normal sera and blocking agents for each animal tissue? STOP THE MADNESS!!! (And experience the joy of background free animal immunohistochemistry.) Also excellent for human tissue, all day and every day.

  • Stat-Q Staining Kit
    • The kit of choice for all animal IHC!
    • Multispecies 3-step staining kit.
    • Produces strong, clean results.
  • Background Buster
    • Get rid of background staining easily.
    • Makes child's play of Mouse on Mouse IHC!
    • No more cocktails of normal sera & blocking agents.
  • Enhancing Wash Buffer
    • Use in place of your current buffer. (no additional steps)
    • Gives a turbo boost to your IHCs!
    • Eliminate or minimize high heat epitope retrieval.


Background Buster
10 minutes (human tissue) or 30 minutes (mouse on mouse)
Primary Ab
30 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes

Product Information

Description More Info
Stat-Q™ Peroxidase Multispecies Staining System (DAB or AEC)
Other Monovalent links available for Stat-Q Staining Kit)
Ordering Information
Background Buster Ordering Information
Enhancing Wash Buffer - HRP (Amplifying AEC & DAB stains) Ordering Information
Enhancing Wash Buffer - Alk Phos. (Amplifying Fast Red & Innovex Brown Stains) Ordering Information