Gram Stains - Hucker-Twort Gram Stain Kit

What's worse than a Gram Stain gone Bad? Nothing! Sometimes trying to stain those darn negative rods seems close to impossible, no matter how hard you try! (You swear that there are lab gremlins whose only purpose in life are to ruin your gram stains.)

Take heart and prepare yourself to rid your lab of those pesky little gremlins forever with the Hucker-Twort gram kit!

Lab technician frustrated with a bad gram stain.


  • It's easy
  • Fewer steps compared to Gram's Brown & Hopps method (almost by 1/2)
  • Shorter timings for each step
  • NO Picric Acid
  • Only two Acetone rinses
  • Elimination of Basic Fuchsin
  • Spectacular Staining with half the effort

Newcomer's Gram Stain Kit Contents

  • Solution A: Crystal Violet Oxalate Stain Solution, Alcoholic
  • Solution B: Iodine Solution, Weigert & Lugol
  • Solution C: Neutral Red Stain Solution, 1% Alcoholic
  • Solution D: Fast Green Stain Solution, 1% Alcoholic

Additionally Needed:Acetone

For more detailed information on how to eradicate the gremlins from your lab, call us at 800-383-7799 and ask for a technical memo on the Hucker-Twort Gram Kit…You'll be happy you did!

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