Storage for Paraffin Tissue Blocks & Slides

Slides Out/In Cards

Slides Out / In Cards


Out/In Cards mark when a slide has been removed for easy record keeping until it is returned to the file system.

  • Constructed of a heavy pink cover stock, the Slide Out/In Card is designed to help you better manage slides that are removed from the storage box.
  • Just write the identification number, employee name, and date removed from storage and insert the card into the tray when you take the slide.
  • It is now simple to find the location when returned.
  • Write the date returned on the card and file the card by identification number in an extra tray to keep a permanent record


Dimensions of Card:

3-1/4" (H)  x  1" (W)

Part # 6876PK1000/Box $33.00 
Part # 6876BL1000/Box $33.00 
Part # 6876YE1000/Box $33.00 
Part # 6876OR1000/Box $33.00 
Part # 6876PR1000/Box $33.00 
Mixed Colors - 250 of each color: Blue, Yellow, Orange & Purple:
Part # 6876MX1000/Box $33.00 
Storage File From/To Stickers

Storage File From/To Stickers

From:/To: stickers are used to place on the recording area of the front panel to reuse the box.  The sticker can also be used on the front of each drawer.

  • No longer do you need to throw away a tray because it was previously marked...Just apply the tray label sticker and it is instantly ready for reuse.
  • Also, it is the identical size of the From:/To: boxes on the front flap.  Easily make the front flap From:/To: boxes blank again and ready for reuse!
  • The glue on the labels has a removable tack so you can keep using the trays as long as needed.
  • Tray labels are available in rolls of 500.


Dimensions of Sticker:

3/4" (H)  X  2-1/2" (W)

Part # 6880500/roll $27.00