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In our goal to continue to provide you with the highest quality positive control slides, Newcomer Supply is considering a change to the standard control tissue placement on our control slide products.

We value your input and encourage you to take our 2-3 minute on-line survey to assist us with this decision.


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PRODUCT INFORMATION                                

All controls are cut in serial sections.       

  • 10 set = 10 unstained slides and 1 stained slide.
  • 98 set = 98 unstained slides and 2 stained slides.  (First & Last Slides are Stained)
  • Reactivity of most Histo control slides are guaranteed for one year from the date of receipt and should be revalidated after one year to verify continued reactivity.


Please note the following:  In human tissue unless otherwise indicated.  All tissues are FFPE.  All slides are heat dried.  Histopathology slides are cut at 5 microns, unless otherwise specified.  Standard tissue placement is mid-range of slide.  Histopathology control slides are not quality controlled for IHC methods, as such, we cannot guarantee antigenicity.   Our control slides are intended to verify histological techniques and reagent reactivity.  They are to be used for the qualitative purpose of determining positive or negative results, and are not intended for any quantitative purpose.  Following is our most current histopathology control slide offering.



Controls Slides Histopathology Periodic Acid Schiff

Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) Glycogen

(+) Liver
Slide Type: 
Superfrost +
Part # 4540A10/Set $46.00 
Part # 4540B98/Set $330.00 

Phosphotungstic Acid Hematoxylin (PTAH)

(+) Striated Muscle
Slide Type: 
Superfrost +
Part # 4565A10/Set $46.00 
Part # 4565B98/Set $330.00 
Control Slides immunopathology Pneumocystis sp., Animal

Pneumocystis sp., Animal

(+) Primate Lung / (-) Lung
Slide Type: 
Superfrost +
Part # 4556A10/set $46.00 
Part # 4556B98/set $330.00