Tissue Block & Slide Storage - Cardboard

Paraffin Tissue Blue Block & Slide Storage


  • Each case contains 10 unassembled boxes
  • Every box has full assembly instructions printed on the bottom
  • Dimensions of each box: 12"(w) X 4"(h) X 11 1/2" (d)
  • Color of box is Yellow
  • Made in the USA

Product Options:

Slide Storage System:
Part # 687510 Boxes/Case $73.00
Block Storage System:
Part # 687710 Boxes/Case $88.00

Easily store your Slides and Tissue Blocks in this sturdy and convenient system!

Stackable, corrugated cardboard file boxes that are an excellent value at a low cost!  Sturdy enough for transport and storage of blocks & slides.  The storage box has a double internal corrugated construction that suppports up to 250+ lbs. and the trays remain easily accessible.


Tissue Block Storage System:

  • 8 drawers holds 500 blocks in a box
  • 5,000 block storage per case


Slide Storage System:

  • 4 drawers hold 2,000 slides in a box
  • 20,000 slide storage per case


Dimensions for both Slide & Block Storage Boxes:

  • 12" (W) x 3 3/4"(H) x 11 1/2" (L)


Histology Slide and Tissue Block Storage System:

  • Well organized & detailed recording area on front panel of each box
  • Easily identify the slides or blocks contained in the box
  • From:/To: stickers available to place over recording area on front panel as well as on each drawer
  • Out/In place markers available to keep track of slides/blocks that have been removed
  • Easily stackable
  • Great pricing!
  • Made in the USA


Samples of accessories in each case!